28 Dec 2015

ANZAC Dawn Service


It has always been a wish of mine to attend a ANZAC Day Dawn Service but due to work and sleep I have never been able to attend a full service until this year.

This year I fell on a Saturday and since I don’t work weekends it was perfect to attend, I only had to get over the loss of a few hours sleep. So we arrange for my brother to sleep over and all make our way over to Kings Park at the break of dawn - 5am for the 6am service start.

Cold and half asleep my brother and I made our way thru crowds and found a lovely spot where we could see the city and still be part of the whole experience. 
It was quiet eye opening to see the amazing of people coming together from all different backgrounds, all ages, all colours and gathering in the time to respect and thank those who faught for our freedom today. 

Seeing it's been 100years since the First World War, we often don't think of it being part of our lives. Many families lost loved ones and friends due to war and often just expect it. Today was a day everyone can think about what we have and what was sacrificed to have it. 

Take a second and thank those around you for everything you have and those before you who provided the environment for all your future positive opportunities.


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