18 Dec 2015

Miranda Sings

If you don’t know who she is, well you have lived under a rock. 

She is only the most famous, actor, singer, magician and person around. Today E and I got to see her live. It was a strange feeling sitting in the theater surrounded by kid and I mean 9 year old. Jumping on chairs, screaming (my ears are still ringing) and going ‘cray cray’/ Is that still something people say?

Either way I quite enjoyed the night. Seeing her live is an unreal experience knowing she became who she is because of the internet.

I found myself explaining everything to E as he does not live on YouTube like I do and may not understand. Miranda may come across as someone who is inappropriate and odd but honestly it was quite nice and refreshing that her show that is aimed at younger age group is really there to guide them thru life. 

In her show she discusses bulling, self esteem issues and finding something that make you. In a world where everyone is online and a lot of problems happen behind a key board. Miranda uses the internet to share and teach her "little tots”.

Thank you E for coming to a crazy world you only half knew and staying around even though you may be hearing a ringing noise from all the screaming girls for a few days. 

Ps I bumped into Troye Sivan and Conor Franta. 

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