12 Apr 2014

Hassie Adventure Spot 23 - Launceston Air Port

What an unusual spot this was to sleep. We slept in the Launcheston Long Term Parking the night before we had to fly to Sydney. Might be illegal I am not sure but it was something I thought I would never do.

Driving after work to catch our early morning flight, we knew we would have to find a spot to go to sleep. Close to the cities in Tasmania we have found there is no free camps available.

Leaving the mountain after E finished work we arrived at the airport just after 1am if not a bit later. We looked for a place to pull over but none closes by. So the airport parking was the next best thing.

Was hard to fall asleep with all the bright lights and the thought about being caught but we got to sleep. The challenge was going to the toilet with out anyone seeing us, how I wished Van Gogh had a loo inside, my 'P' bottle isn't the easiest but a life saver.

Of course catching a early flight meant getting up early, how I dislike that at times. We did have enough time to grab a quick bite to eat, no rush involved. Soon we will see you Sydney


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