30 May 2016

Hopman Cup

We finally got to see a live Tennis game and a Hopman Cup on at it too. Seeing that were lucky to have the Hopman cup right at our front door - E and I have always wanted to go see the game in person. This year we made it happen. We got to see the Czech republic vs USA. We got to see 3 games in total. First the males then females then the doubles! 

It was quite interesting to watch and learn the game. E must have been so annoyed at me asking a question ever so often for him to explain what happens, how the point system works and why this and why that! Being one of the matches before the semi finals and finals the arena wasn't as full but we both wondered how it would have been to see the game with a full crowd to build the atmosphere. 

Saying this we had a very annoying person in front of us making a scene because we was moved back (so we're we). We got contacted a day or 2 before the game advising us they had to move us back because the tickets we purchased was in the players and family box. What else could you say but ok, this particular person made such a fuss because he and his mother payed for tickets to be right on the court. All thru the first half of the game he was fussing so much that everyone around him could not pay attention to the game itself but to him going on and wanting to talk to the CEO because he can see seats open. 

E and I were kind of annoyed that due to his ill behaviour he ended up being awarded for being a dick. Yet everyone around us and ourself who didn't say anything about being loved had to stay were we were located too (which was in my opinion better seats) but yet we thought due to his behaviour he shouldn't have been given what he wanted. Rude behaviour should be rewarded. We just hope karma bites him in the ass at some point. 

Needless to say we had a much better time without him in front of us! 

I never realised how long the games go for. The first game started at 5:30pm and the doubles ended around 11:45pm - lucky we can just walk home. 

Both E and I left saying we would like to see a finals game one day.

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