13 May 2016

Dear Me

Gosh, you are the most difficult person I have come across. Do you ever listen? 

I choose to write to you today so we can talk. I mean we talk regularly on a daily basis but something getting a “real” letter, discussing some thought could make an a difference and you and I can both process thoughts, Ideas and actions to improve ourself as well as reassure ourselves.

I write with no serious topic but really only want to check in, I know life has been busy, overwhelming and you realised recently that you’re not where you really would like to be in life. I want to say to you "ITS OK!” you have time and things will come around. 

We will see the world and experience life at it fullest when its your time. I know your impatient and want things to go quick but you and I both know life is precious and not worth rushing along.

If anything is taken from this letter, I want you to remember to enjoy everyday as it comes and appreciate the little things, because looking back you will always remember those the best.

Much love

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