2 May 2016

Instagram - April

  1. Cold Morning and Great company - E and I went camping this weekend of beautiful Lane Pool. I will blog about its beauty in the future.
  2. I pick coffee dates over the flue any day - I also had the flu this month and is slowly recovering from the symptoms while missing coffee dates with my love.
  3. Can you Spot the difference - I finally found out how to do the filters on snapchat. Now any photo or person around the face swap will happen.
  4. Oh Perth you never disappoint - While enjoying City and Colour concert we got to enjoy Perth in its glory by showing off our beautiful sunset.
  5. Sometimes you get stuck because of the poo bun - Well I got stuck on my poo bun while in bed. 
  6. I feel like there is nothing more amazing than coffee - and well its true, after E and sleep coffee is next. 
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