23 May 2016

Boxing Day Sales

No nothing is wrong with your eyes, the photo is burry and crazy. A perfect example of how Boxing Day sales are here in Australia. CRAZY!!

You always hear about the boxing day sales and bargains people pick up, this year was the first time E and I actually got to participate (seeing we always work previous years). Its really as crazy as people say it is. We are just lucky we actually live in the city because I wouldn't have wanted to take the train nor drive to the city for sales. 

We both decided how much we would spend and off we went. Surprisingly we kept to budget and got a few bits and bobs. Saying this we only later thought about it but we should have bought a new vacuum cleaner seeing our died just before Christmas. Our priorities are with clothes. 

Glad we got experience the crazy, don't know if I would do it again.

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