29 Jul 2016

Hindu Temple

While doing some research I came across some beautiful photos of a very colourful building, little did I know at the time it's was temple! Mentioning to E, we said if it's easy to get to we will go, if not we will see if there is tour available from our hotel! 

On our last full day we did half tour where we got to see the temple and tick it off from our todo list! It's was amazing to see the beautiful colour and understand the meanings behind it. We didn't get to stay very long as the tour group we we’re with all were in the bus waiting for us to return. 

Egan had to wear a sarong to cover up and we had to take our shoes off. The pavement was so hot that it really burned our feet. We did have a giggle at the sign that said caution wet floor. 

If it was for us we would have stayed longer and get some more amazing photos. You were not allowed to take photo inside where there was amazing painting on the roof with meaning behind them. It was so beautiful and made me think about how much people put into a building because of religion and care for something special to them. 

Was so special to be part of something they care for. 

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