15 Jul 2016

Kava ceremony

A drink of choice here in Fiji one they offer to guests like we would offer tea or coffee. While on the sail boat we had a kava ceremony where we had to clap say some special words and clap again. You have the drink like a shot of alcohol. 

E and I was very interested in the the tradition and making of it. Kava is a root that takes up to 8 years to mature they the grind it up into a powder then mix it into water. It's not an alcoholic drink but it was said that after a few cups you will almost have like a calming effect or feel numb. Very interesting

As it came to our turn - we did that claps and the words and down it went! It has very much a cinnamon flavour but the after taste wasn't for me! I'm glad we got to try it because it's not like we are planning on being invited to a locals house anytime soon.


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