26 Mar 2013

Hassie Australian Adventure - Week 1

Its been a fun few days. In some ways boring really, but think it's because we have been in Albany before and done all the touristy things.

Its something to get use to sleeping in a van - not uncomfortable but not as comfortable as you bed you left at home. I am getting use to the idea of holiday'ing realise that soonish we will have to look for some kind of work for income but don't want to think about it yet.

We have asked around in regards to Harvesting opportunities just so we are aware. You have these options

  • Harvest Trail (Job Search) - Which shows you where its season for pickers and who to call. There is a number you can ring and they help you look for the area's you are in for farms who might have contacted them looking for pickers. 
  • Local Newspapers - Always advertising farm work or part time helpers
  • Asking at your local caravan park - never know farmers know that travels live there so might mention it to the grounds keeper
  • BackPackers - Same as above (al though it might be fairly hard to get a spot considering a lot of over seas travellers live in backpackers)
  • Information Centrers - They might have information of harvesting spots as well as general town jobs
So there is many options we can take. I am hoping for the harvesting opportunities just so that E and I work similar hours. 

We will keep you posted.


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