6 Jul 2016

International Flights - Fiji

Our first time!! You don't think about all the paper work to fill out, distance traveled and people you have to talk to. I even thought about walking because it seems easier. 

I know that traveling to Fiji isn't really that much of a long flight but having to get 2 flights when the first from Perth to Sydney 4/5hours (red eye) and then Sydney to Fiji 3/4 hours, its tiering. We found ourselves running to catch our flight! Who would have thought it took 1:30 hours from one airport (domestic) to the other (international) would take us as long! 

We took the 3D imaging and scanned our passport got thru security, so many lines and people who don't speak English, and they were calling our flight number to board! I never realised just how big Sydney international was seeing that signs was estimating 9mins to our terminal - you know what that means? Run

I'm glad to say we made it and while I write this I'm sitting in Fiji with a cocktail already sunburned!


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