27 Jul 2016


We got to visit one of the villages on main land Fiji and is said to be the first settlers village. All the locals always would point out the village when travelling to the island or day tours. During our day tour seeing the land we got to experience the village. 

Personal I did not enjoy the village experience because its said, that one of the locals who lives in the village, will show us around but we were only walked to the coast where they fish and then into the church and explained where everyone sits before shown the stalls where we can purchase local artefacts. We were told prior to entering the village that the stalls are their only source of income and that we shouldn't feel we need to buy anything. 

I did not think about the village prior to our visit there and we didn't really feel the need to see it, but seeing it was part of our tour we tried to really be open minded. 

It was a great experience but felt a bit pressured to buy some bit and bobs due to the recent cyclones they really needed some money. 

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