1 Aug 2016

Instagram - July


  1. H E A V E N - We found this amazing book store that only sells books that has gone out of print. 
  2. A little more kindness a little more drama - Community animals are like my own, this is Bella she looks one of my clients with me.
  3. Country Walks - Is our favourite places to be, Pickering Brook is like our second home. 
  4. Rain Rain Go Away, Come again when I am under cover - Perth winters means rain and unpredictable at times. We go stuck in the rain and wished we were home. Been saying we need to by a umbrella fro the past 2 years. 
  5. Lemme In - Again with the community adds, cats I seem to enjoy more.
  6. Crazy Eyes because well 4 years is far too long for a catch up - This is my good friends Nicole and Micaelas

You know the drill....@chante_cm11

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