31 Aug 2016

Sheldene Fine Art

A world with friends who have crazy good talents makes life interesting and higtens your anxiety because you don't. My good friend Sheldene has a skill I can only wish I had, she has an eye for beauty and a hand for art. 

Being part of her Patreon to support her I got picked to be her Patreon of the month, which means she will draw a picture of me that she can try new techniques on while saying a thank you. Firstly I want to say THANK YOU, because just look at it. She made me look better than I can image and it looks just like a photo.  

If you are interested in having her draw you and or a family member don't hesitate to get in touch with her HERE and enjoy her skills like I do. She creates realistic details and nature gifts. She is self taught in coloured pencil are who seeks to create and define what it take to make nature, nature. She makes video tutorials and explains who and what has it taken to get the end result. 

Here is the video tutorial of how mine was taken was done HERE

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