1 Sep 2016

Instagram - August

  1. Eye Spy with My little Eye - All the beautiful animal I come across in the community makes me fall in love!! This is Maisie
  2. There are so many beautiful reason to be happy - A day E and I spent in Fremantle and he tried a tasting platter at Little Creatures.
  3. Once you need less, you will have more - Community dog are just as beautiful than the cats This is Bella
  4. Winter Im going to miss you - I love winter its my favourite season and will miss it so much it makes me sick. 
  5. Be brave and with your life - The morning we woke up to a kookaburra right above us on a misty morning. 
  6. Beep Beep - E on Lola after he fixed my wheel and trying it out for himself. 
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