22 Sep 2016

High Cheese

Who would have known surrounding yourself with beautiful people makes your heart full of love and your tummy filled with food. 

For my 25th year on earth celebration I wanted to surround myself with people who I wanted around me. The older I get the more I realise who is worth keeping and who is someone who cares for me as much as we care for them. Naturally It was my beautiful family, people I don’t get to choose but people I am glad is around. My parents from birth and from marriage that I am so glad I have to look up to and share amazing life goals with as well as special times. So Fortunate to have these people in my life - LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Then there is friends ones you happened to stumble cross life and some how you liked each other and now look where you are - drinking mulled wine and eating cheese while sharing stupid stories. - LOVE YOU GUYS STUPID!

Then as Korney as this is - my besets person ever… as I even write this it is making me tear up because I love him more than he can ever imagine. I better dry my eyes before he looks up and think I lost my mind, but seriously it my love can kill he would have been dead former ago. Hassie over the year I have learned that you are my favourite thing and greatest achievement - you do so much and I don’t think I deserve it all . With this cheese night I soon got to realise that with out you around I feel lost, you make life and events fun and help me make it run soothly…

I can write so much about you but I want to thank you for so much for your trouble, love and laughs here is to so many more birthdays with spending with you!! 


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