14 Sep 2016

Rottnest Island

Considering it's so close and you can see it from any beach around Perth. I can't believe it took me just about 10 years to make plans to get over here. 

It really is so beautiful, quiet and sure in winter just breath taking beaches. Today we spent 11hours on the island and away from the everyday life even though we could see dear old Perth city looking at us over the water. We started the day very early to catch the train to Fremantle to be on the ferry at 7am. 

As we docked we jumped on our bikes - which we paid to freight over and started cycling around the island. Now I know I'm not fit but this island killed me - hills coming it of your ear while E made it look easy. 

We stopped and looked around, took photos, enjoy the island, did some tour to then end up at the hotel to have a few drinks, wat he the sunset and enjoy our books! Such a beautiful relaxing day to enjoy on Rottnest!! 

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