11 Aug 2016

Anton Wood


Social media has become such a big part of our lives and somewhat replaced phone calls or messages. With social media you get to peek into someone's life and notice events or destinations you haven't seen before or if they moved countries. After scrolling endlessly on the book of faces I noticed one of my friends back in South Africa had a selfie with a kangaroo. My first thought was, "I didn't know that kangaroos are now in South African zoos" so I clicked to only find out where it was taken to then only find out he has moved to Australia. 

I just had to know, where on the world he has landed and try and organise a long awaited catch up. After some discussion and excitement of the new move we soon realised we are still on opposite sides of the country because he lives in Sydney while we are in Perth - still quite some distance away. Luckily on our way home from Fiji we were visiting family in Sydney, so a coffee catch was in order. 

It's amazing to think 10years passed since we last saw each other, so much has happened and it was so much fun catching up and talking about home, olden days and friends who we don't talk to much anymore and how life has changed. We got to reminisce on how we went to a valentines Ball together and how small this world really can be.

It was so much fun catching up and talking about life, almost as if we never stopped talking. Anton when your on our side of Australia a catch up again? 

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