16 Aug 2016

Fiji Records

So as the crazy record keeping person I am, I kept record of just about everything. Just like I did in our past Adventures I kept record of everything from every penny spent, adventure explored and memory shared.

So when it come to the pennies spent this is how much we send on Fiji. 
  • Flights and Hotel with breakfast included :  $5278.08
  • Sydney Hotel : $1454.49
  • Tours in Fiji Prior to going : $914.01
  • Daily F$ spent $2263.42 (In Aus$1421.97 exchange rates 3/3)
    • Grand total of $9068.55

In regards to our Goals lets see how we went. 
  • Come back alive - Check, I am still alive while sitting here writing it. 
  • Get away from routine - We got to break up life routine and see different life. 
  • Relax and enjoy ourselves - YES YES and YES again. 
  • Experience the culture beyond tourist life - We did get to walk around the main town and visit different markets where safe. 
  • Let this be the start of something new - Defiantly, we have been planning new adventures I hope to be able to talk about soon .


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