25 Nov 2015

Australia Day

Spending a day where you can celebrate a day, where everyone is seen as one and can get together and try to remember what we share and love.

Mine started with s busy day at work,trying to catch as many  songs from Triple J Hottest 100. 

E and I got a few nibbles and walked (and I mean walked) to the foreshore about 1 half long walk. Fireworks only started at 8:30pm, luckily when we arrived at 6:15pm we found a spot right near the river with a great view where no one can really sit on us or in front of us. PERFECT

We sat in the park enjoying the view and eating our nibbles before the fireworks start at dusk. 

I don't know about your town/city but here in Perth the Australian day fireworks is the big one. So much so that we have 35 mins of it. We don't have any at New Years but 35 mins of it on Australia Day can't they half it and share it with new year eve?

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