23 Nov 2015

Ally From The Vintage Valley

I may or may not have mentioned in the past who my inspiration was to start blogging. Thinking back I started reading The Vintage Valley after Google'ing vintage styles for our wedding in 2011, and since then stuck exploring the wonderful world of Vintage clothing, I got hooked with all the beautiful, intricate hair styles and stunning op shop clothing wins she regularly posted and therefore soon because a regular reader. A few years down the line and still very much my favourite blog to read - and today I finally met the lovely Ally.

This weekend I bumped into Ally while walking thru Perth. In a state of excitement and disbelieve, I somehow got a few world out - that hopefully made sense. I thought I would be a bit more 'put together' and calm but it none the less, it happened the way it did. 

So much was wanted to be said. This was is a yay moment and had to be shared. Surely made my day. 

Go read her blog you will 'ooh and aaw' with lovely little bits you didn't think you wanted. 

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