27 Nov 2015

Giant Little Girl

This year for the Perth international art festival, they decided to open it with a BANG. A 3 day travel journey where this little girl giant walks thru the city Perth. 

While E was working, mum and Anthony came to visit and see if we can spot this giant roaming around the city. 

Not very far from our lovely rabbit hole we enjoyed a lovely breakfast and coffee while everyone soon started to gather to the park nearby where the little giant was said to have a 'siesta'. Not long after we found our spot for n the front the little giant soon made her appearance.

It was quite fascinating 20 odd people bring this little girl to life. Each puppeteer having their little job, they made it look so easy just as if they learned a dance.

Considering how much was said to have been paid to bring them to Perth. It defendant my brought BIG crowds to the city!!

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