6 Mar 2015

Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)

E and I tend to make a point to visit gallery's, museums and exhibitions. When we were told about the 'Fallig Back To Earth' exhibition by Cai Guo-Qaing we planned our trip around a quick visit to Brisbane. 
Walking into the exhibitions you are quickly overwhelmed by a massive eucalyptus tree displayed for all to touch and look closely at every bit of detail. It is said that I was part of cleared for an urban community development. I feel this piece of 'art' makes the audience reflect of the impact we have on this world, we are always so preoccupied with ourselves that we never consider other or what our action do to this earth! For everyone to look at a tree that was removed because it was 'in the way' makes me wonder just how often I move things for my own benefit! 

The second exhibition by Cai Guo-Qaing is called Heritage. As you walk  into the room you are welcomed by a variety of animals collected around a pond drinking from it. Some that are could easily eat each other but seem to be at that moment in unity with everything around it. This was a piece of art that has struck me like no other has before. Looking at all the different animals collected around the pound, calm, welcomed and happy around each other makes me wonder if all the people in the world every would have a moment like this. It seems that we are never considering others and that we as a team could accomplish so much but instead we focus on that parts where we 'don't get along', 'enemies' and 'hate each other' where really we all care for the same thing - happiness and to feel welcomed! 

This made me angry at how ignorant humanity is towards each other and the world we live in. 


The finale exhibition by Cai Guo-Qaing in GOMA was called Head On. Getting to see the artificial wolves up close made me wonder how real we are as people. I'll explain how I got that from wolfs. Cai Guo-Qaing was inspired by Berlin's history in which the Cold War divided the city with the Berlin War. 
Having wolves hurl themselves into the air only to hit a glass wall before trying again. The glass wall is the invisible challenges in our way and we keep trying and trying and trying. As I mentioned that the artificial wolves made me wonder how 'real' we are as people. We all act like everyone else, never stand out from the crowd and almost always follow a group 'because everyone else is doing it'. How often are you different? Think about it! You may feel you aren't the same, but you go to work - like everyone else, do your shopping - like everyone else, try pay your bills - like everyone else,  your best in life - like everyone else etc. We are all in the same loop and just go with the flow... How are you going to be differnt now?

I absolutely love art that makes you think about life and reflect the world around you!! If you ever get to see this exhibition let your thought go - you never know what you can come up with. Might surprise yourself!! 

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