26 Mar 2015

Jarvis Bay


When we asked what is there to see around the NSW cost - E and I both we're told to go check out Jervis bay. 

Both E and I mentioned that I sound so familiar but can't put our thumb on how, when or where? We didn't think that it was on our way but soon we saw the turn off E and I thought it worth exploring. 

Jervis bay is located in a national park and give you access to plenty of beaches with beautiful white sand and clear blue calming water. Walking on the oh so soft fine sand made me wish the weather was better and we could have a quick dip. Being a bit of a miserable day, we did make a point to at least put our feet in the water - and it was freezing. We made the choice to one day come back and have a picnic and swim!! There is some beautiful parks along side the beaches perfect for family outing. 

Until next time Jervis Bay

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