22 Mar 2015

Fitzroy Falls

While driving down to New South Whales, NSW Coast to visit a friend we quickly stopped at a national park to use the bathrooms. Little did we know it's part of a waterfall. 

After the bathrooms I said to e we might as well go see this falls since it's 200m away and we are here. 
Both of us were thinking this better be impressive while walking towards the waterfall making jokes about little pond saying 'that can't possibly be it'. 

As we got to the end of the path and around a corner, we are over whelmed with what's in front of you! I could not believe this is the water fall and the view with it! Neither E or myself even knew this is what we were driving next to and that NSW could be this spectacular. 

Need less to say we recommend you stop here to use the loo and be as amazed like we were! 

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