31 May 2015

The Worlds Longest Golf Course



E and I can officially say we played on the Worlds Longest Golf Course. I mean E went and bought some gold clubs and gold hats just for the occasion. Lets just start by saying neither one of us have golf experience unless you count mini gold, and I think its safe to say this is no mini golf. 

We started in Ceduna (2 course) and saying that it was a really golf course with other people and things. I don't want to make a fool of myself even more than I need to. We ended in Kalgoorlie - no I will let you into some secret! E and I didn't actually play at each single hole, we stopped at each one and got the official stamp to say we did but shh we didn't.

I can say we played on many of the road houses stops and lost a hand full of balls. We did get warned when we started that some birds steel your balls - none stole ours but I will blame them on the few we did loose.

I highly recommend this one as it give you a reason to stop on the long drive, stretch your legs and make you laugh at yourself. I don't have our scores with me now, but I will add them in soon I get them. Both of us were in the high 100's

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