5 Mar 2014

Highlander Restaurant - Cradle Mountain Lodge


After we enjoyed to Wine & Cheese presentation E and I enjoyed a 3 course dinner in the Highlander Restaurant at Cradle Mountain. I have had dinner at the Highlanders before but of course E hasn't actually dined here before besides make the dishes. 

In the wine and cheese I have already had a bit of wine so with dinner I had even more wine and half way thru the main meal I could feel the wine going to my head. It may have been a bit to much to handle and I actually felt sick.

But as soon as I had dessert - I died and went to heaven. Let me explain what we had 

Entree -        C: Prawn Spring Roll        E: Quail
Main Meal - C: Salmon                         E: Venison
Dessert -      C: Panna Cotta                  E: Cheese Plate 

I quite enjoyed our dinner wish I didn't feel as sick as I did because of all the wine. Can't image why people like getting drunk - I don't like it!!


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