2 Mar 2014

Instagram - February


Febuary is dun and dusted in a blink of an eye!! Can't believe how quick the time is going.... 

Its been a good month, these are sneaky peaks on what will be coming up on future posts.
  1. 'My view today' - Sitting outside on our balcony enjoying the sunlight and drawing my life away... this is heaven.
  2. 'Favourite' - Moving to a mountain and living the farm life is my absolute favourite thing in the world.
  3. 'Peace' - When the fogg comes over the mountain we life on its like we are the only ones left on earth. Its so peaceful you get lost in it - literally.
  4. 'Act of kindness' - E in the vegetable garden getting fresh vegetables and garnishes for service.
  5. 'Square' - Looking back at some of the Polaroid's I have taken give me much joy.

If like what you see and are not already following me on the work of Instagram - do so @chante_cm11

Until next months sneak peak. 


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