27 Feb 2014

Wine & Cheese

I have never had the taste for just any cheese and wine - but since E really like both I thought well we should do the wine and cheese presentation at Cradle mountain - since it is free for those who work on site.

We had 3 different cheese and 6 different wines to try as well as a information on the history of wine and the expected wine tastes.

The Wines went as following:

  1. Tamar Ridge Riesling 
  2. Dalrymple Sauvignon Blanc
  3. Clemence Hill Pinot Noir
  4. Clarence House Merlot
  5. Tamar Ridge Botrytis Riesling
  6. Josef Chromy NV Sparkling
Cheese are as follows:
  1. Cape Wickham Double Drie
  2. Ashgrove Bush Pepper
  3. Roaring Forties Blue
Out of the different wines my favourite was the Tamar Ridge Botrytis Riesling, It was just so easy to drink - very sweet but no after taste like other wine generally leave behind it was delicious.

My Favourite Cheese was the Ashgrove Bush Pepper and that is surprising since I don't really like cheese. I did try the blue cheese - and I HATE smelly cheese but since I am in the mood of trying new things I tried it and didn't mind it but I found it very salty and maybe to salty. Really different from other blue cheeses.

I am glad I tried different things and found I actually like it.


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