17 Feb 2014

Waldheim Chalet


After a lazy day and a lovely sleep in E and I didn't want to do too much we decided to just visit the Waldheim Chalet. Nestled among the myrtles and King Billy pines in the Cradle valley. The Chalet takes you back to the time when the Weindorfers first offered there renowned hospitality to their guests.

While inside the Chalet we got told about how Gustav and Kate Weindorfer having fallen in love with what is now Cradle Mountain and then build this rustic home and guest chalet in 1912. The Chalet was named Waldheim meaning Forest home.

The Waldheim Chalet continued to be used for accommodation until 1974. After a fire, it was beyond repair and demolished. The replica and rebuilt in 1976 using traditional bush carpentry techniques, is made from shingles split form King Billy Pine.

Walking around inside this chalet takes you back and makes you realise just how much things have changed.


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