23 Feb 2014

The Original Coles Store


As our time comes to an end here at Cradle Mountain - E and I have realised that there is still so much we had planned to do before we leave. So today when we left the mountain for our weekly shopping trip we stopped at the Original Coles Store in a small town called Wilmont.

As you can see it has escaped development over the years and much of the building and fittings have been preserved. When you called into the store you are instantly are greeted by a friendly smile. Its small and you can just image how it was in the 1900.

This little store was operated by the Coles family from 1910-1921, this was Australia's first permanent Coles retail store, and forebear of Australian retailing giant, the Coles-Myer chain.

Im glad to say I have been at the first ever Coles store, its something I can now tick off the list.


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