1 Feb 2014

Instagram - January


The first Instagram update this year!! Hooray

Its been a busy months and much that happend. These are sneak peaks on what will be coming up on future posts.
  1. 'No Care In The World' - Leaving Freycinet and not having any idea what is next. E and I took in the Tasmanian sun and enjoyed the stress free environment. 
  2. 'East Coast Bliss' - Driving down the east coast of Tasmania we got to enjoy the lovely sun, clear skies and amazing atmospher. Can't believe this is what is behind all the rain and clouds everyday.
  3. 'Lola Glory' - We got to enjoy a whole day of Lola and Carter adventures where we saw Byron Bay like everyone does. 
  4. 'A view from above' - Taking Heleen and Kuldar up to Wineglass Bay look out we E took Hasselhoff and I got to see the few he always does.
  5. 'Doorway To Take You Back In Time' - Exploring the History of Tasmania and all the beautiful building from way back when. This door at the Dog Line caught my attention. To think how many people this house welcomed over the years.
  6. 'Beer O'Clock' - Not that was beer but actually cider it still counts for something. E and I visited the Cascade brewery in Hobart and got overwhelmed with yummm.
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Until next months sneak peak. 


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