15 Mar 2014

Ivy's First Birthday


What a weekend - It was none stop organising for an amazing party for Baby Ivy. Mummy, myself, E and Ivy's Daddy was working our bums off on the days leading up to the day of the celebrations.

The day before was crazy with cooking, organising and making decorations. We also discussed what we are going to do and how the day will go. 

On the actual day E and I woke and got straight into party mode - no drinking and getting smashed but getting things organised. I went outside and started decorating the deck with all the little bits and bobs where E got cooking and doing the cake. Mummy had to get the house straight and not to forget about herself.

Its hard to organise a party and still enjoy it - But I think Mummy did a very good job as well as Daddy. They might have looked cool but I think they were stressed at times but hopefully they enjoyed them selfs. 

Ivy on the other hand got to crowd surf and enjoy everyones entertainment. How quick a year can go.

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