23 Mar 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 14 - Cradle Mountain Lodge (Staff Village)

This was a place we called home for about 6 months We stayed in the staff village and found it very hard to leave. It has been a wonderful 164days!!

This spot is quite isolated and away from everything and everyone in the busy city's. Its nice change to what we are use to back home in Perth. Here E and I could have walked to and form work. Had staff meals (breakfast, Lunch and dinner) we got staff discount if we choose to eat at the Tavern or the Restaurant.

We got to meat plenty of people which were like family after sometime. I soon realised as soon as we left that in a environment like this the people you work with ends up being your support group, friends, work colleges and a second family.

It was very hart to leave but it is something E and I will never forget and hold the people close to our harts.

For this stop we give 4 Hassie Carrots for being just such a great place we stayed at and will always remember.


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