18 May 2014

Tahune Air Walk


We literately walked on air and it scared the shit out of me!! I am not scared of hight’s but I would like to know I am safe and I didn’t like how it moved and it freaked me out to the max.

I use to be so good at hight’s but I guess I am a late bloomer for hight’s. I was nice saying I have done it but really I wanted my feet firm on the grown. Can’t fall further than my own hight an I can deal with that.

I walking like I was on the moon and holding on anything around me to feel like I will be a bit safer. E didn’t mind scaring me every now and then and he got a thrill from seeing me freak out. 

At one point I went back to a big pole and stayed there while he was off doing his photo things and me clinging on for my dear life. 

I did have fun and wouldn’t necessary do it again.


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