7 Mar 2016

Unrealistic Expectations

Do you ever just scroll down on your Facebook feed or any kind of social media and see friends/colleagues your age buying a house, popping out a child after child and seeing the world. While your just sitting on your couch in a rented city apartment paying off bills and feeling like your not on the same boat you maybe should be?

Well if I am going to be honest: I do. I feel like, while looking at others and how they maybe popping out their second child, while living in their own house, looking like life is just perfect. 

I don't think I am the only one who do this because E and I regularly am reminded that since we are married it should be time to have a family. I mean as soon as I change my relationship status to married the ads on Facebook and google changed to "How to get pregnant quickly". WOW I literally just said I do and even the internet is against me!

Now 4 Years since the 'I Do' and no babies in the close future. I find being bombarded by those ads and constant reminders with others having babies or buying house brings you a positive outlook on life.

Working with the elderly you realise being 24 may feel like you old but realistically you really a baby in a the terms of your whole life. The pressure of the outside world shouldn't make life harder, it should encourage you to do more with the time you have. Life is short and being a nurse I know that but, why, when scrolling down Facebook it makes me feel like I am missing out?

While realising I compare my life to others in different stages in their life, I try and remind myself that "Chante'! intern to yourself look back at what you have done and where you have gone, what life still holds. Yes! I know you haven't seen as much of the world you "FEEL" you should have seen while having kinds and settle down all before your 24!! Say again "TWENTY FOUR".

Just a subtle remember its your life your living not a fairly tale of what you think life should be, YOU are you! Be YOU! Life YOUR Life. 

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