11 Mar 2016

Swimming with Dolphins

Have you even had the opportunity to swim with dolphins in the wild? Well if you would have asked me a week ago I would have only dreamt of that opportunity! Today I can say it happened! 

While we were away on our Anniversary weekend away, we got to enjoy the beautiful environment that Western Australia supplies and that only means - Beach day and swimming!! 

Lemme set the scene - Jo and myself were facing the beach while the boys where facing us and the open ocean. When all of sudden the boys start screaming like little girlis, because  they saw a fin popping out from the water - of course living in Australia our first thought was SHARK! Now poor Jo and I not knowing about the mysterious fin until they started yelling - freaked me out let alone realising about this fish behind us!! 

Long thought and after the boys realised its onto a group of dolphins we made them run to get our cameras!!!

It was amazing and beautiful to have the opportunity to swim with dolphins in their own environment! If only other people were a bit more respectful about personal space instead of storming towards them (yes I'm talking about you crazy lady who started am swimming toward them and then paddle boarding toward them - which only made them leave the bay!!) 

Until the next time!!  

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