4 Mar 2016

Ark Baker

This was the first time 3 and I ever went to see a comedian and really it wasn't bad. I can only speak about my self but I've always been concern about them picking on you! 
I can take a joke and understand it's their act but really I don't want to be picked on by someone I don't know! So I made sure I picked tickets at the very far back where he couldn't see me. I know it's silly to think like that! 

The other thought I had was 'what if I don't get the jokes' everyone laughing around you and I'm like 'I don't get it'. I worked with a doctor in aged care and he once said to me an early sign of dementia is if you tell them a joke and they don't get it you know there is signs of Alzheimer's. Great I'm 24 and don't get jokes while everyone around me laughs! 

So much worry and in the end it was a lovely experience and would do it again! The crowed was great and the jokes/stories really funny!

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