1 Sep 2013

Instagram - August


Every month I choose my favourite photos I posted in the last month and share them with you. I also give you more of an idea what happened behind the photo.

Lets see what August had install for me -

  1. It's SNOWING' - As many of you will know I love love love snow and can you believe it?? it started snowing again. So PJ party in the snow!!
  2. 'Meet my friend Spot' - While E and I went away for a few days, we did some exploring and I made a new friend - Spot. There was a few horses and one pony standing and eating. While walking up to the fence all the horses and the pony left while 'Spot' came right over for some cuddles. Can't have cuddles with out a photo.
  3. 'Look who is having a nap on our bed!' - One night E and I came back into our room only to find a possum in our room. A very scary time as I was worry it might bight us while trying to get out of our room, but before we do anything - ALWAYS TAKE A PHOTO.
  4. 'Planning the rest of our Tazzi adventure'- I have OCD with planning things, as we always seem to miss things and then have to go back. Since we have started our adventure I want to make sure we do as much and get as much done while we can. So a flow chart was planned.
  5. 'It's an icicle tree' - After the snow, everything turns into ice when it melts and these icicles forms. This one particularly looked like a Tree.
  6. 'Owl Twinzy's with Nien * Always with me'- I got my good friend Nien and myself some Owl hair clips - since we are night owls. Showing her I wear them all the time. 

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