7 Sep 2013

Lymes Disease Week


It was Lymes Disease Awareness week in May and for that week I made Lime Green cup cakes for my  cousin. Before she was diagnosis with Lymes Disease I and many of my family members never even hear of it. 

Lymes Disease is an infection caused by a bacteria that infects humans from a bite of ticks which are infected by this bacteria. Lymes disease is also known to the be "The Great Imitator" because it can be imitated by many other diseases such as MS, Parkinson's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many others. Lymes disease can affect any organs in the body including muscles and joints, heart and neurological system (including the brain). 

If you want to read more about this disease and see how you can help please go to The Lyme Disease Association of Australia and click on help to donate or buy stickers or anything to help them do some research on this disease. 

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