22 Sep 2013

Mini Adventure - Hobart

It was an adventurous road trip with our Neighbours Elizabeth and Patrick. Leaving at 11pm after everyone finished work and taking on the 4 and half to 5 hours drive towards Hobart. A road trip is not complete without going through a Macc's Drive Thru ... Yummmm.

When we got to Hobart E and I both died of sleep at Pat's mum house. When E and I finally work up Patricks parent made us feel so much at home that it made me miss my family. 
After breakfast and chit chat we made our way to the markets where we took some photos and got some supplies.
That night E and I stayed in Clydesdale Manor (Picture above) - a house that was build in the 1880’s and got renovated into a Bed and Breakfast. Waking up in this beautiful house felt like a dream. We went down to a Patio where breakfast was served. E had some muesli and I had the fruit salad. The people running the place is so nice that it just made that place so much better than what it already was. 

They gave us little nibble as they said we arn’t eating enough and how kind they were to assist us with our way to MONA (Museum of Old and New Art).I will defiantly be returning to them and suggesting to every one that is going to Hobart to visit this place.

 I’ll Just leave this here - http://www.clydesdalemanor.com.au/

After leaving the Manor with a heavy heart and making a promise to myself to return soon. We made our way to the ferry which was taking us to MONA… 
I have been exited to visit the museum here in Hobart since everyone tells you about it…
There is so much I want to say about this place so I will be doing a blog on it separately.

After MONA we went back to Patricks Mothers place and just about met all his family!! A house full of young kids and family…. Oh how I miss home!!

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