10 Sep 2013

Hassie Adventure - Month 3 (Week 12)

This week has been a weird week.

I realised I am getting old. I am 8 years closer to 30 this year!! OMG!! How is that so scary. I know 30 is not scary or the age it self, but thought of me leaving the 'younger' years behind is an odd realisation.

E and I got to leave the mountain for a few days which was lovely - it felt like we were back on our adventure. Its not like we have left it but being in the mountain in a room doesnt feel the same like we use to while sleeping in the van, having to pack it up each time we want to leave and organise it when we want to go to sleep. Now Van Gogh is sitting in the cold with out us. I'm not missing the cold and believe me while we did sleep in Van Gogh on night we were just about frozen in it but was lovely to be home.

  • Km driven this week - 277
  • Places of Interest - 
    • Sheffield
  • Paid Accommodation - None
  • $$ Spent - $65.50 (Excluding Gas)
  • Gas - 
    • Litres - 28.02
    • $ - $42.59
    • Places - 
      • Queenstown
Sub Total (Month 3):
  • Km - 1101km
  • $$ Food & Accommodation - $4311.99
  • Gas:
    • Litres Filled - 130.18L
    • $ - $231.17

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