6 Jul 2015

10,000 Tasmanians People Project


E and I got the opportunity to take park a project by a photographer by the name Manabu Kondo. His goal was to get 10,000 Tasmanians documented in one year of all ages, backgrounds and race. 

Looking at all his photos he took of us, it was spontaneous and really is us. No posing or picking of which is the best one - he did all that, snapped a few say goodbye and you have to hope for the best. 

We left and I instantly looked him up on Facebook to share my thoughts of how amazing I thought the idea was. It reminded me of my Photo a Day and how much I loved how great his scale is. He kindly shared with us the photos he picked and now its just a waiting game until he completes all of it and get published. 

I will buy a few copies to say the least.

Editors Note: These Photos was taken on 24 October 2013 at the Royal Hobart Show. 

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