10 Jul 2015

Best surprise ever!! (Year 23)

Going to see E after what felt like forever was the best birthday present I could buy myself. Seeing him after all that time sure proved to me just how much he means to me! I said my quick hello to everyone, enjoyed my cuddle and got walked home. E had to go back to work which meant I could have my beauty sleep (since I have been up for more than a 24hours).

Waking up to the quiet of the leaves rustling in the wind, the birds singing in the sun and my heart jumping with joy, I knew this is the life I want.  While lying in bed waiting for E to finish work thinking about nothing and enjoying the moment was just what I needed after getting back into 'real life'.

E planned to surprise me and it was the best surprise yet! 

He organised  a bomb fire picnic in the 'Forrest' while watching the sunset. 
Be has been planning this for sometime, saying he was carrying wood, deciding on the best spot (which I may have moved), and then having me there. It could not have been any better, it was so amazing that it made me cry of joy, love and happiness. He is my person, my love, my husband and best friend. 

We stayed out quiet late into the night, watching the fire burn to ashes, catching up on lost time and really just enjoying the moment. Considering how much the wind has been blowing thru the night, I'm surprised I stayed out as long as we did with out me complaining about the wind/cold! 

I absolutely loved it. Something I would remember even if I have dementia! A Happy 23rd. 

Hassie you have me for ages!

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