8 Jul 2015


Living between cows is something I never knew I wanted.

Living with them and being with them all day makes it just so much more exiting on this mountain. 

It's started with them 'moo'ing' early in the morning just like a rooster would crow. Then walking to work between mommy cow and baby cow, trying not to cause an argument on who's right of way it is. Then trying to tell mommy cow not to attack you, just because your admiring her baby! All in good spirits, although I have to say, seeing them all casually eating grass minding their own business gives the mountain a calming feel about it.

There is some negatives - we get more flies and ticks, and the risk of stepping in poo. You would think that it's would smell, but I haven't been overwhelmed with anything.

Cow go MOOOOO!!

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