3 Jun 2014

Hair Transformation 2.0




Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair and more Hair.....

I have a lot of it and being in a van traveling it started to bug me to death. The day before I actually chopped it, I was bugging E so much that at one point we had to do a coin flip on whether or not I should cut it as then and there I felt like cutting it myself.

I have been considering whether or not its worth cutting it, but I love it so much. It has taken me 6years to get it this length. It gave me a lot of head aches physically and mental as I have very thick hair and it is heavy so when I would have it all tied back I would end up with very bad head ache from the weight of it all and therefore it was always in a said plat and nothing else. Other time I would not know what to do with it as there is just so much of it. 

I was very sad when they started cutting that I was considering to scream STOP, but I had to remind myself why I am doing it and I am glad because I am able to do so much with it now.

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