29 Jun 2014

Wedding Anniversary 2.0


Its unbelievable how quick a year goes.

As a child I remember that time never went this quick you would look at the clock and an hour seemed to go forever and you wished it over. Now as an adult I would like it to slow down, your going to FAST! I have considered that maybe it is that we need to slow down a bit.

E and I have done so much this past year its been just crazy, exiting and such a great adventure. NOW looking back and realising we got married 2 years ago is crazy.
It only feels like yesterday I walked down the isle, started to cry and almost tripped over my dress. Now to clarify - I didn't cry cause I tripped over my dress but because the man  at the end of the isle, the one I am marring is not only 'the man of my life', 'the one', 'my true love', 'my one and only' he is my person, my best friend and  now my Husband. All these words is how I feel, who he is but most of all he is my Hassie.

He is my best friend and wouldn't image a world with out him, he knows my deepest darkest secrets, watches my pick my nose and fart away and surprisingly still love me just as much.

I love him for al he does for our happily ever after.

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