19 Jun 2014

Hassie Adventure - Month 9 (Week 36)

So first week at work here on the east cost. You can say it hasn't been the best. I don't know if it is because I am not use to this environment or because they just changed systems or because its so quiet.

I really hope this place grows on me because at the moment in time I am not happy with how I feel about the place. 

I am hoping it get busy or I get along with everyone more but other wise in want to leave. E somewhat feels the same but don't want to comment on it to much. Finger crossed for the weeks to come and see what happens.

On a different note. The next week coming is E birthday and our second wedding anniversary. Exiting stuff coming up!!

  • Km Driven this Week: 520
  • Places of Interest: 
    • Tombolo's
  • Paid Accommodation: None
  • $$ Spent: $371.97
  • Gas:
    • Liters: 34.72
    • $: $62.14
    • Places: 
      • Bicheno
      • Coles Bay
Sub Total:
  • Km - 1903
  • $$ Food & Accommodation - $3979.61
  • Gas -
    • Litres Filled: 177.88L
    • $: $292.88
    • Different Places:
      1. Coles bay
      2. Bicheno
      3. Hobart
      4. Tarbunna
      5. Greveston
      6. Huonville
      7. Elizabeth Town
      8. Sheffield

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