27 Oct 2016

Dear October 10.27

I have been listening to this podcast Millennial for the last 2 weeks after hearing 99% Invisible giving it a shout out. You might still struggle with the idea that your podcast really really express life and ours, it gives us the words to explain what I feel while provoking thoughts and opinions I have never considered. Saying this I never thought I would relate to being a Millennial because well I've never see myself as a millennial. People in media and friends jokingly mentions but honesty I said ‘not me’ because well I was born in 90's. 

I don’t even feel like my story is a story worth telling or is any different but only part of this great sea of people trying to swim and make it to the other end. 

These are some of my thoughts and maybe you might make sense of my gibberish and see something or just like you podcast my thoughts can spark a conversation or give you a different opinion for someone else life experiences as a Millennial. 

We, as many want to travel, want to be happy and not worry about the worldly issues but just enjoy life because we only have one. 

I feel like this is a bigger issue than just struggling with yourself and the world and everyones opinion of where you need to be and what you need to do. Its not fair why do I need to go to work where my hart and belong to the bigger picture. 

I often think about this and still don’t have a solution. I feel working your life away because society expects when we are lucky enough to be on this earth and living.

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