6 Oct 2016

Our Late Night

So lets recall on my previous post.

E and I worked together and he is now working in the kithen as a chef of the pizza secton and me still working the glamorouse job of washing dishes.
So maybe 4 months or so, somewhere in November of 2007 E stayed back and waited for me to finish work (close to midnight where the chef usually finish around 10pm) just to say goodbye and give me a hug. Again oblivios to the fact that he was trying to get my attention, I just thought that was nice becaus he did the same to the friend I worked with (the one who liked him). 

Lets say many a week later was the, I guess official night I realised he liked me. Again is was after a night of working, he didn't stay back to say goodbye, it was in many way just a normal way of working life. I got home after midnight when relaxing in my bedroom on the bed - maybe on social media. When I get a text message for E. I so now wish I still had those texts because it would mean so much to see what was said and see the flirting. I did keep them but 9/10 years later with differnt computers, thecnology and phones its has gone missing. 

So yes, he got my number from the contact list in the office at work (which isn't suppose to happen due to privacy) and he just send me a message late at night to see how I am. One thing lead to another and we swaped MSN and added each other. 

Now for the 'younger' readers and my older brain in the future who might forget. MSN is a online chat where you can video chat and talk with instant reply - Somthing like skypes and Facebook messenger is now. 

Back in the day I often stayed online late talking to friends back home, with the big time differnce. That night we stayed up all night talking, I remember we had the video chat on and could easily have spoken to eacher other but we spend all night looking at each other a discussing all kings of things, from our our days, life goals and past days etc. It was a night of talking and looking back the best kind of way to get to know someone. Before we both knew it the sun was coming up and people was getting up to get on with their day, where we havent even gone to sleep. 

This was our late night start to our now something amazing.

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